If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’ve heard all about pay-per-click advertising and Google Ads – the leading PPC advertising platform. But how can you win with this platform?

Let’s see what stats say about that!

Google dominates the search engine market, with a market share of 92.47% as of June 2021. What’s more, 75% of users say that paid search adverts make it easy for them to find information. This means that your business will benefit from the proper use of Google Ads campaigns.

This post will cover details about Google Ads, including what a successful campaign looks like, how you can achieve it, and what you’ll get by trusting us with your Google Ads report.

Let’s dig in!

What Does A Successful Google Ads Campaign Look Like?

Better Results Online

A successful Google Ads campaign is reflected in your business. If your campaign is successful, you’ll have a positive return on investment, an increased number of customers, more conversions, and improved customer and employee satisfaction. At the end of the day, it’s vital that you achieve more revenue than what you’re spending!

How Can You Achieve This?

As Google tells you, you don’t have to spend your fortune on AdWords to get the best out of their PPC advertising. So, even if your budget is tight, you can still get a positive ROI from the campaign.

The catch here is diving in and analysing every aspect of your account to ensure it’s running optimally. You need to be on top of every little detail that could potentially impact the day-to-day running of the account.

You need to know what is and isn’t working, where your money is being wasted, and where to step on the gas. You must also know how best to find this other than by analysing your Google AdWords account.

Martin Rodgers

We’re Here To Help!

We’re here to make your life easier if you’re running Google Ads! How does an in-depth report analysing your Google Ads sound to you? We can do the hard work for you and find all the areas in your account which can be touched up a bit.

We’ll find what of your strategies is working and what isn’t and where your money is being wasted to help you streamline your advertising approach.

Here’s What You’ll Get!

Our Google Ad reports will provide you with key metrics that are important for your business, including:

  1. Competitor Comparison – Our Ad reports help you understand how you stand up against your competitors. It provides you with the strengths and weaknesses of your adversaries compared to those of your own business. It helps identify a gap in the market, which you can use to improve your business strategy and get a competitive advantage.
  2. Keyword Evaluation – Keywords selection is a core part of your SEO strategy, and analysing these key terms can determine the success of your PPC campaigns. Keyword analysis helps you choose the best keywords for your content, making your business visible on search engine results. Our reports also analyse the keywords you’re bidding on, identifying if they’re fruitful and if there are more effective keywords with lower competition. We help you choose the best keywords for your content for better discoverability.
  3. Individual Ad Copy – Our report will also help you determine the effectiveness of your Ad copy. That is, is it compelling enough to boost your click-through rate. It’ll help you know how to improve your Ad copy to receive more clicks and leads.

Here’s How It’ll Help You!

So you know what you’ll get, but what does this mean for you, and how will you benefit from it? Let’s see three main ways our reports will benefit your business:

More conversions:

Maybe you’re getting good traffic from your ads, but not enough individuals are buying or signing up for things? If that’s the case, you can use our free Google Ads report to determine what motivates people to purchase or sign up with your business.

For instance, you may find that the keywords you’re bidding on don’t expose your business to adequate potential customers. The keywords may also have high competition, reducing your chances of appearing on search engine result pages.

Our report helps you develop an effective keyword strategy that will give you an upper hand against your competitors. Moreover, our report provides you with a competitor comparison analysis, which can help you identify gaps in the market. The bottom line is that the report will help increase your conversions.

Achieve A Higher Return On Investment

Higher Return On Ad Spend:

Did you know that Google Ads has an approximate ROI of £8 for every £1 spent, depending on exchange rates? Yes, you heard that right. That’s about 800% ROI on ad spend. But arriving at this figure doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes more effort to enjoy the real benefits. For instance, it demands having the right keyword strategy to reach your target customers.

Our free Google Ads report helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to work on them to gain a competitive advantage. We also provide you with keyword evaluation to help you target the right customers. This increases your return on ad spend and is a surefire to get the 200% ROI or more.

Streamlined Google Ads Account:

Our free Google Ads reports also help you achieve a more streamlined account. We help you analyse every aspect of your Google Ads account, including your keyword strategy, targeting, ad spend, etc. We help you identify what works and doesn’t, where you’re wasting your money, and what you should focus more on.

Grab Your Report Here

There you have it, folks: how to implement a winning Google Ads campaign using our free Google Ads report. If this is something you’re interested in, grab your report by contacting us here. After you’ve contacted us, we’ll aim to get the report over to you ASAP!

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