Hands down, Google is a household name. According to recent statistics, the internet-service company owns about 92% of the market share. This is while its competitors Bing, Yahoo, and others fight over the remaining 8%. This means if you are a veterinarian that wants to be found through local search, Google Ads is your bread and butter.

For those of you who don’t know, Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program that you can use to promote your business, raise awareness, and increase traffic. As a veterinary practice, Google Ads provides a cost-effective solution to connecting with pet owners on the lookout for businesses like yours on a daily basis.

Below, we outline the top 5 benefits vets can expect to achieve through setting up and running ongoing Google Ads campaigns.

1. Vets Can Use Google Ads To Target Local Customers

Google Ads offers a unique feature known as Geographical Targeting. This feature allows you to focus your ads on appearing only in the location that you choose.

As a vet, this type of location targeting allows you to focus on areas where you will find the pet owners and customers who are right for your business while blocking out the areas where you won’t. Doing this will help you increase your return on investment (ROI).

No matter how great your ad is, it will not perform at its best if it doesn’t appear in the right places. So, it is also essential to have someone who is familiar with Google Ads to help you with ad placement.

Regardless, Geographical Targeting is one of the most effective ad strategies for veterinary businesses since 60 percent of consumers say that they use their mobile devices to search for local information, and 40 percent do so while on the go.

People are also twice as likely to visit a store after seeing an ad if you are utilising geomarketing. Additionally, if you offer local services, you don’t want your adverts showing to people who are present miles away from where you’re located. Stay ahead of the game with Google Ad placement.

2. Vets Can Customise Their Google Ad Budget

Google Ads is perfect for veterinary practice’s that need to control and adjust their marketing budget. It is one of the most flexible marketing platforms available today.

With Ads, you are always in control. Day or night, you can change the marketing budget and the ads themselves. Unlike other marketing methods, Google Ads offers you complete control over the campaign from start to finish.

Even on a tight budget, Google Ads is possible, and you can still remain competitive. This can be done by utilising the service’s built-in features like “Smart Goals”, budget planning for maximum daily spend, and limiting options.

Google Ads require no commitment. This means, if your budget is compromised in any way, you can simply turn off your ad without fees or backlash.

3. Google Ads Helps Vets Beat The Competition

Getting that extra edge can be difficult in tight-knit communities, and getting ahead of your competitors can be even more challenging, especially if you are an established veterinarian.

Google Ads will give you the edge you need, and the company prides itself on providing relevant audiences with the correct content. This means you will never have to worry about your ad being delivered to the incorrect customer.

Because of Google’s massive market dominance and virtually unlimited customer base, Google Ads can send businesses endless amounts of leads per day with the right budget.

Google Ads allows you to beat your competitors online, generating a new flow of pet owners for your veterinary service. However, most local veterinary offices are not taking advantage of this possible exposure.

Google Ads allows you to beat your competitors online, generating a new flow of pet owners for your veterinary service. However, most local veterinary offices are not taking advantage of this possible exposure.

4. Vets Can Retarget Their Previous Website Visitors

It is essential you get into the mindset of your ideal customers. Understanding your audience makes it easier to deal with customers and find out what they want.

However, this is extremely difficult to do utilising traditional methods like surveys and questionnaires. These methods produce limited results.

Google Ads yields information about customer habits even if the pet owner chooses not to book the first time they visit your website. This information includes the keywords they used to find your business information or website, their location, the type of device they use, and the time/date they searched.

This information will allow a veterinary practice to target similar customers in the future. But, even more importantly, vets can retarget pet owners who have already visited their website or Google Business listing.

Did you ever wonder what happens to those who visit your website without taking action? Did they check in with competitors or give up their search altogether? This information is all gathered by Google Ads.

Around 97% of visitors that leave never return to a website. In many cases, they may still be interested but may need an extra nudge to take advantage of your offer.

Google Ads offers a way to get these visitors back onto your website by showing specific Ads just for them through retargeting. According to experts, Web traffic increases by a staggering 700% when you deploy retargeting strategies.

5. Google Ads Helps Vets Accelerate Business Growth With New Pet Owners

To be successful in any industry, the constant flow of new customers has to be achieved. In your case, you need new pet owners coming into the business every day to accelerate your business growth.

Just having a strong online presence and a high Google rank will send new customers your way on a daily basis — This is the best way for vets to secure this status.

With this method, you are not only coming up when customers search by keyword, but you are also providing a method for them to contact you or get directions.

Google Ads also lets you target your ads to the type of customers you want and filter out those you don’t. Best yet, these new customers can be encouraged to visit your website, Google Business listing, or physical location.

According to statistics, 50% of customers who searched locally on their smartphone visited a shop within a day, as did 34% who searched on a desktop.

With Google Ads, you can achieve a steady flow of new pet owners engaging with your veterinary practice and your services through Google services, including search, Gmail, and Google Maps.

The Best Way To Grow Your Veterinary Practice Is With Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most powerful advertising tools that a veterinary practice could have within its repertoire. It will connect you with thousands of searches by pet owners every day and gives vets the unique opportunity to convert these people into customers.

While many business owners are sceptical of paying for advertising costs, Google Ads have been proven. With the right strategy and guidance, the benefits from Google Ads can make or break a vet.

To find out more about how we can help you and your veterinary practice, contact us here

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